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ed down to her bra bikini top, so its excellent cock cancel within inches of his face, distance, asked if I could finish the job : Seconds later, removed from the bottom. "Wow....... what a beautiful body Oh, yeah, my name is Carl... I can not resist the sexy woman like you! " I can touch your wife? "In your question to me, more or less had the ability to Kay to object, and as I gently caressed her left breast, and, as not precludingwn and licked her stomach, passing over his right eye then gently kissed her mouth. My hand was now inside of his thigh, which opened its doors binding moves a bit and it was wet. "Wow - that's for him," I Carl had come to this conclusion -.. Then he had offered that moves up and down his nice dick She took it in his hand, then slowly licked his eyes, a drop of clear pre-cum was already leaking, large head, drive slowly disappeared into her mouth until she could no longer... after a minute or two for this reason it was and asked him to lick the balls... the left hand reached behind me and entered the work of her wet pussy... I left, he slipped and my finger in the ass (which she says she does not like), but found his love of cherries immediately. and began the first of two deep orgasms Then she took his penis and began to masturbate him angry : indeed, after a minute or so, threw back his headand sperm of several balloons dotted the hair, face and neck. Thick, white and thick. masturbated however - which becomes soft and called to stop, you just star
Quotes a rhythymic growl and go to masturbate throughout their tool remains difficult, as they finalteens enjoyed the second orgasm finger shit. I could feel a flood of her juices on my hand, three fingers are now exploring the depths of her ass hole. Just as I wondered how long it might take Carl, shot his second store, this time humanity got deep throbbing Kay is injected into the mouth. When he retired a few seconds later, it was still dripping cum... what a stud! He leaned over and kissed Kay on the lips, finalteens tongue deep... He shuddered again and again reached for his red tail, but unfortunately, Carl could not handle a second addition, as we all come from our common climxes (yes, that was on the rump and thigh masturbated Carl Kay) kiss lasted several minutes. WCarl Hen finally released and rose from my wife, I said: You are the sexiest woman I had more Incedible have the pleasure.... We must do this again! "With these words he rose and thanked him for the pleasure of my wife, returned to his rock. if Kay shouted for joy or pain you never know, and I was very concerned about his long-term response but our own love life is now much more free with many of their inhibitions away.... even nude sunbathing... perhaps in the hope that finalteens super smoothie is Mr. Carl Poser back and finish the work, I get hard just thinking about his tail finalteens disappears Kays gorgeous wet pussy, as well as the flood of hot cum, white would be there.... roll on next summer !


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Beautiful day, so common to our beach, near Hastings. I am a woman for life naturist Kay shy mature more, and on a good day, when prying eyes, she takes her top. We were on the rocks near the tip is moved from the flood, when I noticed some rocks at a guy who is very muscular and well browned, about 40 - ish, who was in office as bi, I was fascinated by his body so much that he sent me to swim near him on the road to a better appearance. Nice. Grifo decent cut, but not shaved, and a full assault balls. He was classified a cold drink, when I arrived, and showed little interest. finalteens When leaving the sea, but I realized I had put on a rock near where Kay went finalteens out, was now sporting a magnificent erection, just above the horizontal, and (apparently ?) To view to the sea. As I approached, he turned in my direction, exchanged jokes, my usual nod and a " beautiful view " apparently does the trick. While sitting besiI wiped Kay, half turned, Show every effort to "Poser " profile... its tail, tan, it finalteens remains difficult, brownish -purple hull exposed to the maximum, Kay looked at me, seemed fascinated, and not knowing how to react. " I think he's looking for some recognition, affection... " he asked. " Before I could object, he invited me to join us, mischieviously, a space between Kay and Chico I was confident " Why hide that beautiful body in a bathing finalteens suit ? 'I asked. "Leave your husband and I will help you!. " With these words, he bow